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Our perception of the environment that surrounds us has a substantial effect on the quality of our lives. This perception is influenced by our aural senses as much as our visual senses. Therefore, increasing the acoustic comfort of our surroundings is an important aspect of architecture, as well as the visual aesthetics of the environment. EfserKara Acoustics and Architecture aims to increase the quality of your life by addressing both issues during the architectural design process.
Our company gives the best solutions to your needs on the subjects of architectural acoustics and architectural design.

Acoustic Design

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Acoustic Measurements

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Noise and Vibration Control


With the awareness of the effect of our visual perception over our psychology and quality of life, we approach the architectural design process by taking into account that our physical environment should be ergonomically and aesthetically fulfilling. The same notion applies to planning at any scale, whether it be an airport, a metro station, a city centre, or a regional plan.
Presenting innovative designs – which takes the balance between energy efficiency, sustainablity, function and budget into account – in accordance with the clients’ needs is a crucial aspect of our architectural standpoint, even when working with limited budgets.


Every aspect of architectural design, including architectural design concepts for retail stores, is part of the architectural services presented by EfserKara Acoustics and Architecture. We present our clients with numerous alternative solutions among which they can to choose according to their needs.
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EfserKara Acoustics and Architecture also offers interior design projects, application and construction supervision services
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Custom Furniture

We offer the best furniture solutions for your living quarters.
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About Us

Efser Kara

After graduating from Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, Efser Kara worked in various architectural offices. She obtained her master’s degree on Building Physics from the same university in 2009, with the thesis title “Acoustical Evaluation of Saint Anna Chapel After Restoration”. During her graduate studies, she studied at Valencia Technical University in Spain as an Erasmus exchange student. The focus of her graduate study there was on the analysis of Saint Anna Chapel’s acoustic properties, which included detailed acoustic measurements and modelling. She also presented a paper on the subject in the Building Physics and Sustainable Design Congress of Yıldız Technical University in 2010.

After getting her master’s degree with an emphasis on acoustics, she began to work in an engineering firm where she got an active role as an acoustic consultant in various projects including hotels, residences, concert and conference halls, theatres, movie theatres, recording studios, etc.

She is the founder of EfserKara Acoustics and Architecture and and is the principal acoustic consultant and architect.

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