Mimarlık & Mimari Akustik
Architecture & Architectural Acoustics

• Room and Building Acoustics

Acoustical design of buildings such as concert halls, conference rooms, theaters, movie theaters, recording studios, hotels, residences/dwellings, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars during the design or renovation phase.

• Acoustic Modelling

Digital acoustic modelling of a room to obtain the optimum values of acoustic parameters.

• Execlusive Acoustic Product Design

Designing of custom acoustic panels and furnitures with acoustical features.

• Building Acoustics

Calculation of the insulation values of building elements such as walls, floors/ceilings, roofs and the insulation detailing of the building elements.

• Technical Specification

Production of technical specifications including acoustic details.

• Acoustic Design in Accordance with the Green Building Criteria (Leed, BREAAM)

• Technical Consultancy on Acoustical Products

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